Habitat Restoration

Happy Earth Day!

This Earth Day, strengthen your knowledge about the state of the Neponset Watershed, and get involved in Neponset revitalization and protection.

Phragmites Burn

Cutting phrgamites does very little to dissuade the regrowth of this invasive plant.

Flood Maps Present Estuary Challenges

The extraordinary high tide in the Neponset Estuary a few weeks ago provided a clear message: it’s time for the Commonwealth and our communities to get serious about climate adaptation.

Removing Pests in Milton

Chris & Annie are working hard to remove Phragmites, an invasive plant, in Milton. NepRWA staff and volunteers are working to remove Phragmites to help restore Pine Tree Brook in Milton.  The plan is to cut back the dead material from past year’s growth and burn the cut reeds (seen in the video) for site […]

Traphole Brook Flowing More Freely

It took 19 very enthusiastic volunteers only two hours to clear a pair of boulder dams from Traphole Brook in Walpole last month. But the native brook trout for which Traphole is famous, were even faster, moving up through their newly restored habitat just 30 minutes after the dam had been cleared.

MET Grant Awarded to Remove Dams

With new funding, NepRWA can now begin the process of removing two small dams and modifying a third to benefit native brook trout populations.

Clean up of Toxic Waste Site In Port Norfolk

After decades of having to deal with a toxic waste site, and decades spent lobbying to clean it up, it looks like the Port Norfolk neighborhood of Dorchester is finally going to get what it wants.

New Small Dam Projects in the Pipeline

After some initial setbacks, our small dams program has regrouped and is now targeting three dams on Pine Tree Brook in Milton. We've also been working on a list of "micro" dams that can be remediated using volunteer crews.

Trout Water in East Walpole

A 40B project raises questions about water quality Last year a Framingham developer proposed to build a 174-unit apartment complex including affordable housing on a sloping four-acre meadow in a neighborhood of single-family homes on Moosehill Road in Walpole. The sandy meadow is dry on top but leaks badly at its lower edges, since it […]

Small Dam Removal Program

The Watershed Association has embarked on a program to remove small dams from streams around the watershed, to re-connect and restore the function and health of our river system. By removing small dams (over 115 exist in our watershed!), we: Restore opportunities for fish and other aquatic wildlife to travel longer stream lengths; to pass […]

Wee Beetles: Out & About, Controlling Purple Loosestrife

Every year, around the last week in April / first week in May, Galerucella calmariensis and G. pusilla beetles emerge from their underground winter shelters to feed on the young shoots of exotic, invasive Purple loosestrife.

Watershed Association Receives Grant for Estuary Project

February 2013 – We are proud to announce that the Watershed Association has been awarded a grant of $7,500 from the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program (MBP) Research and Planning Grant Program for estuarine protection and restoration. The grant will help fund a project to gather together existent data on Neponset Estuary water quality and assess how […]

Recreational Improvements

Nov. 2012 — Dam removal would greatly expand fishing opportunities. Boating which is currently blocked by the dams would be safer and considerably more enjoyable, and the safety of those recreating along the banks of the river would be enhanced. Removing dams also would change the appearance of the river as seen from the perspective […]