What Do You Mean, the Beach is Closed?

While we can’t control everything that goes into the lake, we can work together to prevent water pollution by being conscientious about proper disposal of chemicals and pet waste.

Spring Fishing in Neponset Watershed

Now that the snow and ice finally have left us, we can get out and do some fishing. While many anglers in New England are waiting for migratory saltwater species like striped bass and bluefish to return to area waters, now is the time to get out and get fishing in freshwater throughout the Neponset […]

Recreational Improvements

Nov. 2012 — Dam removal would greatly expand fishing opportunities. Boating which is currently blocked by the dams would be safer and considerably more enjoyable, and the safety of those recreating along the banks of the river would be enhanced. Removing dams also would change the appearance of the river as seen from the perspective […]