Monthly Giving

There are many ways to help clean up and protect the Neponset River and its watershed.  Consider becoming a River Guardian by donating monthly.

Why Monthly Giving Matters

Thank you for taking the time to support NepRWA by responding to our appeals, reading our newsletters and volunteering. We appreciate your commitment and your financial help. All gifts are important!

Have you ever considered the benefits of becoming a River Guardian with a small automatic monthly gift via credit card or PayPal? 

  • Creating a clean, healthy river requires a long term commitment. The consistent support of monthly donors powers progress toward long term goals.
  • By giving less every month, it's painless to make a big impact over the course of a year. No more waiting for the right month when you can consider writing one big check.
  • Its automatic. That means no more wondering if your membership is up to date, digging for the checkbook, searching for a stamp, or licking envelopes.
  • It saves paper and on your end and ours.
    You'll get less fundraising mail from us. Since your support is always up to date, you'll get fewer fundraising letters from us (not that we send that many in the first place!). It helps us reduce the amount of time and resources spent on fundraising, so we can spend more time working on the river.

Consider becoming a River Guardian monthly donor today using the credit card or PayPal buttons below!

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Neponset Society

For more information on this program, other types of giving, or the benefits of joining the Neponset Society and additional Neponset Society membership levels not listed above, contact Dee Mullen at, or 781 575-0354 ext. 303.