NepRWA Hotspot Program in Action

Started by a group of generous individual donors in 2015, NepRWA’s Hotspot Program allows us to follow up on problem areas identified through our regular Citizen Water Monitoring Network sampling data and anecdotal reports.

meghan-rauber-water-samplingStaff re-visit these sites, collecting numerous samples in the problem area to zero in on specific sources of pollution, such as sewer leaks and other illicit discharges. Once a problem is isolated, we work with local communities to get it fixed. 2016 was a productive year for the Hotspot program with a number of problem discharges located and work underway on getting them resolved.

Our interactive hotspot map provides a way for everyone to easily track the progress of the sampling efforts and see where problems may be located in your own community. We will continue to be working on sampling more Hotspots during 2017 and will update the map as we reach new sites.

For more information, contact NepRWA Environmental Scientist, Chris Hirsch or 781-575-0354 x302