Our staff work individually, together, and with outside partners on projects in the watershed. Project partners have included town departments, state agencies, federal agencies, teachers, and more.

Our projects include:

  • strengthening policy to protect the natural resources of the watershed,
  • commenting on development proposals to permit better water recharge for our river and underground water supplies,
  • running the Neponset Stormwater Partnership to help towns improve stormwater management,
  • boosting towns’ water-efficiency through school programs,
  • eliminating pollution sources through targeted monitoring,
  • offering rebates for water-efficient appliances,
  • removing dams and restoring natural flows,
  • managing a water-quality monitoring program (CWMN),
  • planning for the construction of stormwater treatment structures,
  • guiding abutters’ yard maintenance around a pond,
  • releasing biocontrol insects into wetlands to control exotic, invasive plants,
  • and getting the word out about what the Neponset Watershed Association does.

For more information, contact NepRWA Executive Director, Ian Cooke or 781-575-0354 x305