Water Conservation

Over 120,000 residents of the Neponset Watershed rely on local groundwater for some or all of their drinking water.  Much of the groundwater in our watershed is being pumped out by public water suppliers before it can reach surface waters.  Drought also has a big impact on the amount of water that flows through the Watershed.

Since 2008, we’ve been implementing town-wide Water Conservation Programs throughout the Watershed, including:

  • public outreach via bill inserts, mailings, web posts, and events
  • education in public schools
  • rebate programs for water efficient appliances

In the classroom

From elementary schools to high schools, students are learning about their local water distribution systems, reasons and methods for conservation, and ways to prevent pollution and protect their water supply.

Learn more about our Water Conservation School Program.



In the community

Through rebate programs, giveaways, newspaper articles, and town events, watershed residents are learning more about their local water supply, and improving their water efficiency.

Click here to learn what you can do to conserve water at home.



We continue to expend a high level of effort in ensuring that water suppliers mitigate their impacts on streamflow. We’ve been advocating for water conservation for over 20 years, working with State policy makers to:

  • reduce permitted water withdrawal levels, which can leave too little water in our rivers to sustain populations of fish and aquatic life,
  • address the related problems of water that leaks into aging sewers or runs off of paved surfaces.

To learn more about our Water Conservation Program, contact Outreach Director, Nancy Fyler at fyler@neponset.org or 781-575-0354 x307.