School Program

Students learn about local hydrology. Photo: Ann Marie Ford.

Since 2008, the Neponset River Watershed Association has provided an award-winning Water Conservation Program to public school students throughout the region, often visiting more than 2,500 students in a school year.

This FREE public school education program is funded through each town’s respective water department, and is geared toward students in grades 4 or 5, who have familiarity with the water cycle.

There are also art programs available to high school graphic design/fine arts students.  Past projects have included the creation of water conservation education posters, which have been displayed at the MA State House.

Click here to view High School Water Conservation Projects.

Water Conservation Sample Program

Session 1

  • Water Resources – groundwater, surface water, aquifers, reservoirs
  • Infrastructure – wells, pumps, pipes, tanks, meters
  • Treatment – filtration, chemicals
  • Measurement – gallons per minute, gallons per flush
  • Conservation – daily usage, behavior changes, appliances

Session 2

  • Wastewater – sewer, septic
  • Stormwater – one of the biggest sources of local water pollution
  • Groundwater model demonstration

A few details about the program:

  • Each session takes 1 hour. (Plan for two 1-hour visits.)
  • One classroom (or up to 30 students) per presentation.
  • Three classrooms can be visited per day.
  • Register early! Classes run throughout the school year but fill up fast.

To register for a classroom visit, please contact Nancy Fyler at or call 781-575-0354 x307

Materials for students & teachers