Quincy RiverWalk Opening Soon!

After more than 10 years of hard work by the Neponset River Watershed Association (with invaluable assistance from the Quincy Environmental Network) a two mile long riverfront walkway along the Neponset in Quincy is tentatively scheduled to open with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the end of September.

Quincy Neponset RiverWalk

Quincy RiverWalk

August 2014 — With the exception of Mass DCR’s Squantum Point Park at the mouth of the Neponset, the Quincy RiverWalk was constructed entirely on private property. Public access was obtained through NepRWA’s negotiations with waterfront developers in Quincy.

The Quincy RiverWalk will be added to Pope John Paul Park and the Neponset Greenway trail in Boston to become part of the greater Neponset River Reservation. Both sides of the river are now connected by the recently reconstructed Neponset Bridge. On the Quincy side, a handicapped access ramp to the bridge sidewalk lies within a few feet of the Quincy RiverWalk.

From south (upstream) to north (downstream), the RiverWalk begins at the Adams Inn Gazebo, which stands on piles over the river and affords wonderful views of the Neponset Estuary. After going under the Neponset Bridge, it continues to the newly created Neponset Landing Public Park at the end of Hancock St. The Park may be used for passive recreational purposes, including fishing from a refurbished pier. It is open from dawn to dusk.

Squantum Point view toward Boston

Squantum Point view toward Boston. Photo by Tom Palmer

The RiverWalk then heads over to Commander Shea Blvd, which is owned by the Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC), and has a sidewalk that is open to public use. Just before entering the BSC facility, there is public parking, which may be used by persons wishing to use the canoe launch a few hundred feet down the RiverWalk. From there the walkway follows the river to MassDCR’s Squantum Point Park and ends at beautiful Squantum Point, with its spectacular views of Dorchester Bay, U Mass Boston, and the downtown skyline.

We hope that you can join us for this special event, or any time thereafter, to enjoy the Neponset waterfront along the Quincy RiverWalk in the Neponset River Reservation.

The precise time and location of the ribbon cutting has yet to be determined.

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  1. Janet McCourt says:

    I hope the opening doesn’t conflict with any of my other schedules for I would love to be there for it.


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